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Freestanding Residence at the River Main 
Offenbach / Germany / ongoing – tb finished late 2020

Client: Undisclosed

Team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler, Alice D’Andrea

House ZdM9 is a freestanding private residence on a remote site close to the city of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The site sits directly at the river Main and is adjacent to a nature reserve to the west. The design of the house reflects the fantastic quality of the environment. It is orientated towards the river and the nature reserve. Openings in the volumes at the south guarantee sun light to be caught. Windows at the ground and top floor are positioned carefully for a maximum of visible connection to the nature but a minimum to and from the public areas.

A solid base in hammered concrete protects the house against flooding and creates privacy from the street due to the raised ground floor. A generous underground floor allow space for all technical equipment’s and a private parking garage.

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