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Display Case  
Intervention at the Johnson Fold Estate 
Bolton / United Kingdom 2015

osa_office for subversive architecture

Client: Bolton at Home Housing Association

Team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler, Alice D’Andrea, Aleksandar Tkalec, Silvia di Pieri, Alessandro Rattin

The concept derives from the traditional “Display Case” where People collect small valuable things, figures or nostalgic reminders.
We are transferring this idea to the Johnson Fold community and see the former housing office as a metaphorical display case where the people can show the diverse activities highlighted before in particular the focus on gardening and growing vegetables and the work of the media group Johnson Fold Media.
The Display Case, typically a small item, will be scaled up into a large public sculpture, linking it directly to the specific community and its content and needs.
The “sculpture” which formally derives directly from the architecture of the housing office, sits at a strategically perfect location, being visible and easily accessible. It will be filled with elements from various activities and will also house semi indoor spaces for group works, events etc., It should act as a catalyst for a potential future use of the site being a “meanwhile” use until the site potentially will be redeveloped.
This development should then incorporate a Community Space.

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