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L’Indiscret – BBC Listening Pod   
BBC Radio Listening Station,  RIBA Competition
London / United Kingdom

Team:  Bernd Truempler, Karsten Huneck, Alice D’Andrea, Victor Du Peloux, Marcella Claps

L’indiscret is an upholstered settee that can seat three people. It has been developed in the mid-19th century in France and consists of 3 connected armchairs in a pinwheel pattern.

The transformation of this unique furniture shows a pod which is an enclosed 3-seater for the conversation of 2- 3 people with an attached record booth to listen to and record the conversation.

It is shaped like an extruded l’indiscret with a centred opening to allow direct contact of the persons conversing. A further extension of the shape provides space for the separated booth which is only technically connected to the conversation space. It’s been designed to have maximum intimacy for the persons talking. Each niche is accessible from the outside and is locked with a heavy sound isolating curtain. Natural day light can enter from above via incorporated roof lights.

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