KHBT crafts

KHBT crafts Ideas, Spaces and Buildings after carefully distilling the clients brief and considering the inherent nature of the existing environment.

With our design we follow a process of progressive refinement towards the goal of defining the essential. Our conceptual thinking allows imagining more than the obvious.

KHBT crosses boundaries and builds unique spaces that sit between art and architecture, varying from minimal installations to the construction of buildings and urban or spatial strategies. The work includes master-plans, public realm projects, residential and commercial developments and public art installations.

KHBT are fully involved at all Stages and control each detail. As trained craftsmen we are developing and constructing various elements ourselves.



Sarah Ichioka, Director Architecture Foundation and Jury Chair at the YAYA Award 2009 :

“We were impressed by KHBT‘s art-based projects and thought that, with their background in both joinery and large-scale international practice, they showed the potential to inject magic and play into mainstream architecture”


Alexander Berge, Client of Haus B, Offenbach:

“Finding the right architect can be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. It has very little to do with the math on how many bricks can be stacked on top of one another; it is much more about finding the right balance between emotions and economic realities. They excelled at translating credibly economic realities into emotions and emotions into economic feasibilities. Thanks to the creativity and resilience of the team we were able to create a contemporary living environment for our family while staying true to the original style of the building”


Alex Stara, Associate Professor & Reader in the History & Theory of Architecture:

“What is common between an unreachable car park and a perfectly functional house is that KHBT approach both with their unwavering commitment to making visible what is already there by looking beyond the obvious.”


Professor Tom Jefferies, Head of Manchester School of Architecture:

“Our work with KHBT / osa allows us to explore the limits of both academic and professional architectural possibilities. Using the city as a playful space our projects have involved rowing, climbing, diving and hatting, always starting from a position of taking fun seriously and using construction as an extension of critical practice”