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Vox Populi 
Transformation of 3 Public Parks, Competition 
Torredolones / Spain 2011

Team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler, Ignacio Fernando Ramos

Our idea derives from a thorough analysis of the current political and sociological situation.

Torredolones appears to be a role model for modern politics and how a municipality can be run.

Basically it is the people who are making the politics and taking decisions. We think this should be reflected in the way the public spaces should be treated. The 3 parks should become part of a conceptual trilogy, creating spaces for recreation, debate, social engagement and activities. Some of these activities such as ….are already strongly represented in the community and should get a public platform. Typically politics are done in the town hall which is a very formal and official character and not a very accessible for the people. We are therefore bringing the town hall to the people by implanting 3 defining typical elements from it into the parks:

The shell of the historic town hall, representing former multiple uses as well as the starting point of democracy in the town

The balcony which represents official speeches, greetings and parades

The large table of the Chamber, representing the decision process

The parks have different qualities and conditions which is reflected in our concept.

Park 1 has little topography and appears to be quite open and attached to public facilities such as the day care hospital. We are proposing to highlight those qualities by placing the hell o the former town hall and creating open public spaces with a variety of activities.

Park 2 sits within a residential area and has a lot of vegetation and trees. We are proposing to create “forest” by planting more trees and bushes etc.  In the centre of it we provide a “clearing” where the Chamber table will be placed as one piece in order to create contemplative space for discussions, social activities etc .

Park 3 has a relatively steep topography and almost acts like a transition space due to its shape and nature. The fact that it also functions as a water drainage channel underlines this quality. We are proposing to make use of the topography, create a series of various platforms ending with a raised Town Hall Balcony at the top. This provides fantastic views into the town and creates juxtaposition to the torre on the other side of the town. Furthermore activities such as astronomy etc. would fit perfect to this place.

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