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My Ness
Theatre of the River, Public Art Competition Win 
Inverness / United Kingdom

Collaboration with Sans Façon

Client: Inverness City Council

Team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler, Alice D’Andrea, Tristan Surtees, Charles Blanc

A thin ribbon of stone frames the Ness, starting as an access, becoming a path to run
along for a kid, a bench for reading a book, a viewing point up and down the river, a back
rest for looking across. In its upstream portion it weaves through the trees and bushes to
offer a unique view up the river or back to the castle and the cathedral.
The diversity of interaction with the structure invites a wide range of possibilities for
many users throughout the seasons.
Split by the river, the circle create a playful tension between both banks with the river at
the heart.

The structure creates a monument to the river, monument in a new sense, no longer
only about the things that are important to remember but as the things that are
important to keep and protect, as a space to celebrate the sense of place, to interact and
to perhaps see the familiar anew. A limelight for the theatre of the river.

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