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Public Art Intervention in a disused Swimming Pool 
Leeds / United Kingdom 2008

osa _office for subversive architecture

Client: Leeds City Council

Team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler

The installation transformed the former swimming pool into a virtual water collector and raised questions about resources and sustainability based on current discussions on climate change. At the same time it symbolised an emotional charge of an important public space in the city.

Leeds International Swimming Pool, which was constructed in 1965- 67, exhibits all the ‘swank’ and ‘jauntiness’ of the swinging sixties.This was also reflected in the shape of the funnel which had the virtual function to create a gateway to discussions about standards for modern buildings.

When the building was deemed not to be energy efficient and would needed extensive repair the decision had been made to demolish the building.Alongside the formal and technical qualities of a building there is always an emotional connection between the space and the users due to personal experiences and memories.

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