2023 (15th December) Lecture at TU Berlin as part of the Scenic Talks Lecture Series

2023 (2nd March) Lecture at University of East London

2022 (27th October) Talk at Shine Design Conference in Ljubljana

2022 (24th September) Talk at BETA / Timișoara Architecture Biennial Symposium (Romania)

2020 (17th December) Talk at Provocation Lectures at Manchester School of Architecture with Sans Facon

2020 (30th November) Lecture at the National College of Art and Design
(NCAD) Dublin

2020 (23rd October) Lecture at University of East London

2019 Talk at Soft Space Symposium in Lucerne (CH)

2019 Talk at the LFA Symposium on Boundaries at the Royal Academy in London

2019 Lecture at Hochschule Coburg (Germany) / Dienstagsreihe

2018 Lecture at Hochschule Coburg (Germany) / Symposium for Innovative Teaching

2017 Confluence Lyon_Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture

2016 UEW Bristol_Design Research Symposium

2015 LFA Talk at KHBT Studio London

2014 Performing Cities Symposium at Sao Paulo Biennale

2014 Talk at Urban Lights Symposium Hamm

2014 Archiboo Talk London

2013 Lecture at Architectural Association London

2013 Talk at SYN City UCA Canterbury in London

2013 Lecture at Syracuse University School of Architecture London

2013 Lecture at London Metropolitan University

2012 GLOBAL Design Symposium at NYU London

2012 Event City Lecture in Cesis/Latvia

2012 Manchester School of Architecture

2012 Performance Architecture Guimarães

2011 DAM Making Heimat Frankfurt

2011 Kunsthochschule Weissensee

2010 Museum for modern Art Warschau

2010 Royal College of Art London

2009 New York Goethe Institut

2009 London Metropolitan University

2008 Southbank University London

2006 Spike Island Bristol

2006 Universität Kassel

2005 Budapest TRAFO

2000 BerlinBeta V3.0, Berlin